How to create and deploy Tornado to Azure

Step 1: setup your Tornado app

These are all the different outputs you should have when navigating to the given urls, and even when you don’t
Azure portal dashboard option to add a resource group
Create resource group web interface in the Azure portal
The Azure services bar on your dashboard will give you the option to add a new App Service
Previously we were using gunicorn with WSGI, but you can now use the command above to run your tornado server in a non-blocking manner. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT!
The key here with tornado is to have the startup command to be: gunicorn -k tornado app:app, this was true previously. However now you can also use the command python and it will run without any issues.
Deployment center for your project, the name of your project should be shown right before the Development Center
Basic steps to deploy your tornado application from your local git to Azure



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